Como combinar un pichivaquero con mrdias

Colors that go with chocolate brown in clothes

There are already three dungarees resting in my closet: this one from Mango, one in pale pink from Bershka and another indigo blue from Zara Kids, which I combine indistinctly with striped sweaters, sailor shirts and thicker sweaters, military boots, suede boots and sneakers, but certainly I would like to go a little further and explore different registers to get the most out of them. Let’s see which are the most appealing of the season…

On the other hand, I would also like to dwell on one of the revelation accessories of this season, which we have rediscovered thanks to Leandra Medine and her collection for Mango, and that like the dungarees, provides a youthful point that transforms the pants, jeans and skirts that we already have: the male suspenders. How could we have gone without them? The #leandraxmango model is sold out but let’s hope they restock because I really want to interpret this look, how about you?

Some days ago I got a new denim overall from Mango. Mid blue, relaxed fit, this is the classic denim dungaree every girl has kept in her closet some time, as a kid, teen or as an adult woman. As I use to combine it with thin sweaters, striped long-sleeved jumpers, I would like to explore more possibilities to pair with… Shall we see all of them?

Brown men’s outfits

Brown leatherette pants can be a bit formal and boring when paired with neutrals. That’s why we like to give it an original and casual twist with a graphic short sleeve t-shirt with touches of color appearing on the sleeves and in the center of it. A pink mini shoulder bag is perfect to incorporate a touch of color to match the mood of the look.

If dressed up and feminine is your thing, then you might want to invest in a brown pichi this season. This is a perfect garment to wear over sweaters or lace blouses, which are also trending this season. To give an ‘edgy’ touch to the outfit you can step up to some platform mary janes that are so trendy now and that you can combine with socks to marry with the dressed up style.

Anyone can wear a shirt with a paperbag short to the office, but everyone can accessorize it so tastefully that you would wear it to fashion week. Brown shirts are the perfect excuse to introduce livelier shades such as green and yellow, which you can wear on bags, socks and heels for added contrast to the brown.

Brown aesthetic clothing

I’ve had epics where I’ve worn dark blue or camel more because it went well with my clothes. However, nowadays, what I find goes best with everything is either black or burgundy.

Jo, yes the thing is that you have told me many combinations that I do myself, but I’m not used to wearing loafers and shorts. My jeans are leggings type, do you think it will look good? The blazer + t-shirt or shirt + cardigan theme is something I usually wear to work so it suits me well. I’ll have to think about it for summer. I don’t really see them with dresses.

Yes, I wear them with skinny jeans and with mom, also with straight, come on, I wear them with everything xD Although I like them more with bare feet, now in winter I wear them with socks and I also like them, normal moccasins like the ones on the previous page. With those that are a bit thinner I don’t know if it will work, it’s trying.

Yes, I wear them with skinny jeans and mom jeans, also with straights, I wear them with everything xD Although I like them more with bare feet, now in winter I wear them with socks and I also like them, the normal moccasins like the ones on the previous page. With those that are a little thinner I do not know if it will work, is to try.

Matching brown pants

Keira Knightley apart from being one of the best actresses, in my opinion she dresses quite well. As I never tire of repeating I love the British look and Keira is one of the examples. For a normal day she is usually halfway between a boho and rocker look without losing her British style, but when the occasion calls for a gala dress, there is no one who can beat Keira, one of her favorite colors is black that she wears both in daytime garments like trench coats or wool cardigans and at night in cocktail dresses with a touch of fantasy. The Pirates of the Caribbean star will also be seen mixing Bermuda shorts with tight tights and cowboy boots or wearing lingerie tops combined with miniskirts and flat sandals.

A totally eighties garment. When I wear them I feel more confident. I especially like them to give a more rocker and informal touch to an elegant look. Although they come in all colors, my favorite ones are the black ones, which are also perfect when you have thick legs. In colors I recommend them as long as they are combined with clothes and are not fluorescent or very acid colors. They look perfect with oversize sweaters and T-shirts and British style coats.